The inspiration behind Room Service

The inspiration behind Room Service

Dear reader, 

Room Service holds a special place in our hearts. It's not only our favourite scent from this launch collection, but was also a top favourite in our focus groups

The inspiration 
For those who've been with us since the beginning, you would know that Grand Hotel Lobby has been our no. 1 best-seller, and has consistently sold out. For this relaunch, we wandered if it was possible to recreate the magic that Grand Hotel Lobby captured - that million-dollar feeling of walking into a luxury hotel, and feeling instantly at ease

Against our busy lives, there's also something incredibly indulgent about the simple act of sleeping in on vacation - which served as the primary inspiration behind Room Service.

Key notes behind the scent 
It was really important that the scent captured a feeling of luxury and comfort, an important nuance. We went through multiple rounds of testing to get the balance right - to make sure the scent wasn't too light, nor dark, and one that you would want to burn for hours at home without feeling overwhelmed. 

Room Service features the hero note of vetiver root - with its distinct earthy herbaceousness, its selected to evoke a sense of immediate calm with its soothing quality. This note forms the foundation of the candle, an invitation to feel rooted and connected to the present moment. 

Secondary notes of palo santo and saffron add depth and warmth, and further fuel a mood of deep relaxation with its mood-enhancing qualities. To balance out these traditionally masculine dark notes, a delicate touch of violet brings a sense of elegance to round out the candle. 

The 6pm vibe 

We're big sticklers for choosing the right candles to light at the right timings. Room Service has a distinctive 6pm vibe. Its warm and inviting notes naturally align with the transition from the hustle of the day to the calm of the evening. Enjoying this candle in the evening sets the stage for the perfect unwind, and unlocking in you a feeling of deep peace

While we may not be able to book a luxury retreat as often as we'd like, a little imagination could get us there. With a light of Room Service, we hope to transport you to your favourite luxurious retreat, and help you unlock a favourite memory - as and when you need it most. 

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