Caring for your candle


How to care for your Reminds Me Of candle  

Treasure your first burn

For the first burn, make sure you light the candle for at least 1 hour (glass vessel) / 45 mins (gold tin) to ensure a full melt pool —where the melt reaches the edges. A full melt pool not only maximises the scent throw, but also helps the wax build memory for a consistent, even burn in future.

The cleanest burn

For a clean burn, you want to ensure that your flame is burning in a steady manner. If it’s wild and emitting black soot, your wick is too tall. Trim the wax to approximately 0.75-1cm with a pair of scissors each time before lighting. We recommend investing in a sturdy wick trimmer that helps you reach deep into our glass vessels. 

Your subsequent burns

Try to ensure each subsequent burn is at least for 1 hour, but under 4 hours. Enjoy your gold tins in smaller intimate spaces and your glass vessels in living rooms and larger foyers.