Our Craftsmanship

Our journey into candle-making started with a single-minded quest - to create the cleanest burn for our homes. One that smells and feels luxurious, and burn clean. 

Not only should the candles feel transportive, they should be made with the highest quality ingredients. 

This commitment led us down a rabbit hole of extensive testing and experimentation, and we are proud to share the ethos we continue to hone, year after year. 

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Making scented candles is a craft that demands time, and an intimate knowledge of the key materials of wax, wick and fragrance. 

Our candles are still hand-poured and handmade to the highest supervision in our studio in Singapore today.

This allows us to pay careful attention to each step of the candle-making process such as: 

  • Melting our wax at a specific temperature 
  • Gently stirring the fragrance oil into the wax blends to avoid bubbling 
  • Choosing the wicks depending on fragrance type, and fragrance load 
  • Hand-trimming and centering the wicks 
  • Taking time to curing the candles 

Luxury-Grade Candle Ingredients 

When we say luxury-grade scent ingredients, it means we make a conscious decision to work with only the highest quality scent ingredients, such as:

  • Superior wax formulations: Our custom soywax blend is meticulously crafted for a cleaner burn and exceptional scent diffusion. 
  • Premium certified-green fragrance oils: Our fragrances are sourced from reputable US and Australian suppliers, whom we have partnered with over the years. These fragrance oils are phthalate-free and devoid of harmful substances listed on California's Proposition 65. 
  • Self-trimming cotton-core wicks: Wicks play a huge factor in determining how clean your candle burns. Our wicks are specially designed to minimize mushrooming, soot, and smoke, resulting in a cleaner and more consistent burn throughout the life of the candle.
  • Exclusivity in Formulation: Each candle blend is created for scent depth, complexity, as well as its integrity and performance.

We purposefully avoid unnecessary additives such dyes, dried flowers, botanics, or gemstones, which may compromise the candle's integrity. 

An Elevated Scent Experience 

Not only should our candles smell good, they should also look and feel elevated, and be a transportive experience. 

The story that we tell about our scents are just as important as the scents themselves. 

With our recent rebrand, it was important for us to relook our product in totality in our quest to elevate the full experience. Along with a new scent vessel and packaging, our entire brand universe got an uplift through this process. You can read more about this here

The Journey to Perfection Continues 
Our dedication to perfection is an ongoing pursuit, and we are so honoured to have you join us on our journey. 

By choosing our candles, you're making a statement about your choices for your home. Join our world, as we lay down the foundations to building a more curious and inspired world.