About new beginnings

About new beginnings

Dear reader,

With our recent rebrand, we thought we'd share a little more on the vision, as well as the journey behind our process.

When we first started Reminds Me Of at the end of 2021, we were obsessed with creating the highest quality candle. As someone who identifies as a Highly Sensitive Person, this sensitivity has always extended to smells. 

To us, the perfect candle is defined by both objective criteria (like craftsmanship), and subjective tastes (like scent memories). Over the past three years, it became apparent that we needed to expand our universe of scents to appeal to a broader subjective palette of scent memories, while at the same time, delivering a luxurious product. 

3 years on, our quest continues. This time, with new aspirations for our brand in the horizon - to elevate the entire scent experience. Through this journey, no touchpoint was under-looked.

New Brand Identity 
Elevating the entire brand experience first meant re-examining our brand universe. 

Looking at the world of fragrance today, we saw a sea of muted tones, sleek fonts and minimalism. We wanted to step away from that, celebrate the imaginative power of scents, and stay true to our DNA - celebrating boldness, vivaciousness, colour and character.

We chose an old-fashioned serif font, and added a touch of femininity with playful flourishes and curves. Accompanying it is our logo, with symbolism cues of curiosity and creation. The result is a bold and refreshed brand identity that isn't shy about making a statement. 

 Our Core Scents 

Hauling this box of samples to every coffee date 

While we launched with 7 core scents in this collection, it actually took us more than 40+ samples of various scent blends in order for us to get there. Focus groups helped immensely in giving us clarity during this selection process. 

Additionally, we had such well-loved favourites in our original collection that it didn't make sense to just over-haul everything. For our core collection, we have retained our top 2 evergreen best-sellers (Grand Hotel Lobby and Fig Orchard), as well as introduced 5 new scents into the collection. 2 of which (Book Club + Young Love) are new scent formulations of the original concepts. 

In our focus groups, one scent stood out in particular - Room Service (read more here). Having said that, this collection is designed to have something for everyone. So whether you are drawn to floral, woody, fresh or musky scents, we are confident there is something you will be able to fall in love with. 

For our scent vessels, we upgraded them to elegant, classic white matte glass vessels - specifically chosen so you can reuse it long after the candle has burnt through. Each candle is emblazoned with an arched-shape label sticker - reminiscent of a window to convey the idea of being transported to a new scent destination. 

New Packaging 

How do you express the idea of unboxing scent memories into a packaging? 

Back to the drawing board after several failed attempts

For our packaging, we wanted to incorporate elements of old manila envelopes. If there was a truly painful part of the entire process - this would probably be it! 

Inspired by manila envelopes of yesteryear 

But it was all well worth it. Many design complications later, our new packaging finally came into fruition. Housed in a lavender box, the design centres around a tension tie, designed to create a sense of anticipation and curiosity as you unbox your new scent discovery. To add a sense of materiality, we used paper that has been oiled and incorporated spot uv printing to elevate the overall sensorial of unboxing. 


While our aspirations for the brand may have changed, our pursuit to bring candles of the highest quality into your homes remains the same. 

If you’ve owned a Reminds Me Of candle, we hope this new brand experience delights you, and that will be new scents here for you to discover and fall in love with.

For new customers, welcome to our world. We hope you take your time to acquaint yourselves with us. We still have some exciting movements in our pipeline for 2024 - we look forward to sharing with you more very soon. 

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