Mini Diffusers - Set of 3 Bundle

Mini Diffusers - Set of 3 Bundle

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Purchase all 3 of our Mini Diffusers in a bundle! Each bundle will include the following scents: 

  • Guidance - White Sage & Lavender 
  • Patience - Green Tea & Lemongrass
  • Kindness - French Lilac & Vetiver 

Product Details 

Made in a petite size, perfect for gifting and scenting up intimate spaces like bedrooms, powder rooms and study rooms. 

  • Set of 3 x 50ml diffuser oil base
  • Each diffuser can scent up rooms for up to 2 months 
  • Made with phthalate-free premium fragrance oils
  • Each diffuser includes a trio of fibre reed diffuser sticks 

Directions: Unscrew metal cap, unbundle reeds and place them in the neck of the bottle. Flip the reeds every week or so, or as and when the scent fades.