About Us

We believe in the transformative power of scents.

With the light of a candle, we are transported to a private place, an almost forgotten time, an intimate treasured memory...


Reminds Me Of creates candles that are inspired by memories and imagination.

Founded in 2021, each candle is designed to recreate a nostalgic, an unforgettable, or a familiar memory and experience. 

From walking down the aisle with your bridal bouquet, to curling up with a good book on a rainy day, or even that feeling of satisfaction of freshly laundered clothes.
With our candles, and a little bit of your imagination, you can relive these moments... over and over again. 


About our candles 

The cleanest burn for your homes
Our candle journey started with our obsession over finding the right wax.

We use a custom soy-paraffin wax blend to ensure a clean burn, without compromising on its scent throw.

By combining the best of both worlds - predominantly soy-based wax for a clean, consistent burn and a smaller percentage of paraffin wax into the mix, for its ability to hold scents better, we believe this to be the perfect blend for your homes. 

Thoughtfully sourced and made 
We source for materials that we would only use in our own homes.

Our phthalate-free premium fragrance oils are specially-sourced from reputable suppliers in the industry.

We use only flat-braided cotton-core, self-trimming wicks. Each wick is interwoven with specially treated paper threads, which results in minimized mushrooming, soot and smoke - a cleaner overall burn.

Each candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches in Singapore.