Essential Candle-Care Tools

Essential Candle-Care Tools

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Our essential candle-care tools is the perfect gift for any candle lover. It contains a trio of luxurious and elegant gold tools that will help your candles smell and perform their best.

Product Details 

  • A trio of luxe gold candle tools -
    • 1 x wick trimmer 
    • 1 x wick dipper,
    • 1 x vintage snuffer

Usage Instructions 

  • Wick trimmer - An elegant tool that dips easily into any candle vessel for trimming. To trim your candle wick to approx 0.5cm before each use. 
  • Vintage snuffer - Gently dip this tool over any lit wick to extinguish it with minimal soot and wax spluttering.
  • Wick dipper - Use this tool to plunge a lit wick into the wax melt as an alternative extinguishing method. Also helps to prime the wick for future burning.